While the two of us are drawn to different styles at times, there’s one thing we can both agree on: sequins. We believe in wearing them however we can, wherever we can, whenever we can. Embroidered on our clothes, clipped in our hair, adorned to our shoes, or sewn on our underwear.

This blog, named after and inspired by our one true love, is a way for us to document our runway looks styled straight from the clearance racks of Magnificent Mile. Together, we find ways to bring glitz and glam to a corporate driven, 9-5 world of tailored black and white. We believe in dressing up in gorgeously impractical things like sequins, sparkles, tulle and lace whenever possible. Next time you find yourself in a wardrobe meltdown with nothing to wear, just remember, no matter the occasion, sequins are a girl’s best friend.