With temperatures far below zero across the Midwest, choosing what we wear has never been so carefully planned. It is easy to choose function over fashion when getting dressed in the morning, especially when heading into a corporate office setting where dress code is strictly enforced. Piling on layers isn’t always figure flattering, but don’t fret. There are a few simple tricks we use to stay warm and winter chic.

1) Peacoat over Puffer
Heavy winter coats may shield off precipitation, but add too much bulk to your body shape. Instead, opt for a tailored peacoat that accentuates your shape and will keep you feeling ultra chic when you step away from the office for a lunch appointment.

2) Boots that are made for walking
There’s nothing more embarrassing than walking though a corporate office setting with your suit pants shoved inside of salt-covered boots that make your feet appear 3 sizes larger. Keep those in your garage for extreme blizzard conditions and invest in a pair of knee high leather or suede riding boots. Slip them on over your tights, pants, or jeans for an instant confidence boost.

3) Felt Hats
It’s not rocket science to determine that a majority of our body heat escapes through our head, so it is important to always wear a hat when walking through extreme cold weather conditions. But what happens when we spend all morning perfecting our hair and then throw on a knit beanie? Frizz disaster zone. Instead, choose a fleece cloche or bucket hat to keep the heat in and the hair tamed.

4) Infinity Scarves
Quite possibly the best invention ever, the infinity scarf can double as a neck-warmer and hat! Also coined as eternity scarf, circle scarf or tube scarf, these stylish accessories come in several materials and will keep you warm and stylish all season long.

5) Lots of Layers
Think thin vs. thick when it comes to layering. Layer light knits underneath cardigan sweaters and blazers for versatility throughout the day. It is much easier to take off your blazer or button up sweater in the office than to spend the entire day being uncomfortable in a heavy cable knit sweater. Our favorites? Fleece lined tights, leg warmers, boyfriend sweaters and seamless camisoles.

How do you stay chic during the bitter cold winter months?


Sequin's Are A Girl's Best Friend - Winter Chic

Sequin's Are A Girl's Best Friend - Winter Chic