For some, white can be an intimidating color, especially on the darkest, coldest days of the year. But for us, that’s even more reason to bust it out and brighten up our days and freshen up our winter wardrobes. Whether you’re planning a casual meet up with your girlfriends at the corner coffee shop or heading out to a fancy dinner party, white is the perfect hue to incorporate into your outfit this winter. Scared? Ease into it by wearing neutrals on top and a fun printed heel or clutch to pull it all together. Rules are meant to be broken anyway so be bold and take a risk!
Look for Less 4
Photo Source: Lauren Conrad

Sweater: Gibson
Skinny Jeans: Loft
Heels: Brooks Brothers
Coat: Forever 21
Beanie: Forever 21
Scarf: Ralph Lauren
Purse: Vera Wang