As you know, Sequins Are A Girl’s Best Friend, and we love to incorporate sequins and sparkle into everything that we do! From our outfits to our mugs, we love the glitz and glam of all things sequined!

In honor of one of our favorite holidays (since we are major sweet-tooths!), we have put together a fun DIY sequin pumpkin project for Halloween! It’s super easy, and adds just the right amount of glamour into your ghoulish decor this season!


  • Pumpkins
  • White Paint
  • Gold Paint
  • Paintbrush/Sponge brush
  • Craft Glue
  • Loose Sequins


DIY Sequin Pumpkins
DIY Sequin Pumpkins

DIY Sequin Pumpkins

1.) Paint the entire pumpkin with white paint using the sponge brush. This may take 2 coats.
2.) Let the pumpkin dry completely.
3.) Using a new sponge brush, apply the gold paint onto the top handle of the pumpkin.
4.) Apply a generous amount of glue onto a paint brush and paint a circle of glue in a small quarter-sized area.
5.) While the glue is still wet, apply 5-10 loose sequins onto the glue circle.
6.) Continue steps 3. and 4. all over the pumpkin, leaving about 1 inch in between each glue circle.
7.) Let everything dry completely.
8.) Enjoy!