We are both minis, standing at only 5′ tall. In fact, many people are surprised at how short we actually are when they meet us! Although petite, it is important to dress to fit our bodies and proportions, so that we don’t look like little kids! 😉

Shopping can be extra tedious when we have to consider how items will look rolled, cropped, or with a foot of length missing – not to mention the added expense of tailoring all of our clothing. Over time, we have compiled a list of factors when shopping online, and where the best places to shop are for us!

A few key things we look at are:

Opt for fitted items that cinch the waist and draw attention to your shape, such as empire waists or fit and flare pieces. Look for clothes that lengthen torso or legs, tricking the eye into believing you’re taller. Choose shapes, lines, and patterns such as peats, vertical stripes, and v-necks to keep the eye going up and down for a long, lean look.

Avoid shift dresses and tent dresses that will seem oversized on your small frame. If you are looking to hide your tummy area and pick one of those fits, choose one with a shorter hemline that will elongate your legs. When in doubt, choose items with a slim-fitting bodice vs. an oversized boyfriend fit to achieve a slimming effect.

Arm Lengths
Short sleeve or quarter sleeve are best. Make sure any long sleeves are fitted, so that it can be easily folded without bulging or hemmed without creating a gaping hole around your wrist.

Bell sleeves and peplums help to create the illusion of longer arms. Cropped jackets are also a great solution to ensuring the shoulders fit and the hemline hits right at the hipbone for a flawless fit.

If you can’t find a petite size, look for a pair of cropped or ankle pants, which usually end up just right for us! Avoid anything with ankle zippers or flares, since these characteristics will definitely be removed if and when you decide to hem them.

We love a high waist that helps to define our waistlines while creating long lines on our lower halves. A pencil skirt is a go-to for us since it is longer and gives the illusion of height, while still showing off our curves. Many maxi skirts end up drowning us, so try out a midi-length which will end up being an almost perfect maxi.

Where to Shop
We’ve sought out some of the best stores where you can find a wide-ranging selection of ready-to-wear petite pieces with form-fitting arm holes, higher hemlines, and tailored sleeves. Shop them now: