SAAGBF - Bliss Giveaway

October is breast cancer awareness month, and as busy, young women, we know that our health can sometimes be neglected, but it is so important to get checked for any early signs. The Pink Agenda is a not-for-profit organization committed to raising money and awareness for breast cancer research and care.

Bliss is partnering with The Pink Agenda, and as part of the partnership, Bliss will donate 20% of the proceeds generated from their Fabulous franchise*, including Fabulous products and spa services, to The Pink Agenda. We are huge fans of Bliss and all of the products from their Fabulous line. Check out our favorites below, and shop the entire Bliss Fabulous collection now to help out with this great cause!


Fabulous drench ‘n’ quench

This transformative cream-to-water moisturizer goes on smooth and absorbs quickly. It is lightweight, non-oily, and left our skin fresh, soft, and glowing. Also, bonus – it smells amazing!


Fabulous makeup melt gel-to-oil cleanser

This innovative, transformative gel to oil skin cleanser and makeup remover is our new best friend. There’s nothing better than taking your makeup off after a long day at work, and with this gel cleanser, our skin felt clean, smooth, and most importantly, hydrated! Most cleansers leave you feeling a bit dry but not this ‘Makeup Melt’!




*up to $15,000, per bliss’s legal team