For as long as we’ve known each other, blogging has provided us with a creative outlet in an industry that was so foreign from our day-to-day. For those of you who didn’t know, we met working in the hotel industry as sales managers 3 years ago. We were cubicle mates, bound to certain wardrobe “rules” and “restrictions”, who bonded over fashion and pushing the envelope, e.g. neon statement necklaces, floral print blazers, and arm parties that sounded like a reindeer pulling a bell-covered sleigh down the hall. It wasn’t long until we decided to document our “rule breaking” and inspire others to dress the part while still holding true to their own. Six months later, Sequins Are A Girl’s Best Friend was born.

We’ve since moved onto new opportunities in our careers, but one thing has remained constant: our work wardrobe is a reflection of who we are – polished and tailored, yet fashionable.

Dressing for work can be challenging each day, especially when the corporate expectations prioritize form and function over fashion. Causing the recurring question: what do we wear to work?

Nothing screams unprofessional more than a skirt that is too tight, a jacket that is too baggy, or sleeves that are too long. We shop petite specific, but it’s important to invest in high quality, tailored separates to keep yourself looking polished. Must haves include a crisp white button up blouse, a black knee-length pencil skirt, and a fitted blazer. We also love that these key wardrobe pieces can be mixed and matched and worn together.

However, simple and classic does not have to equal boring. The best way to add in the ‘fun’ is by accessorizing with a statement piece. Whether it be a sparkly necklace, a structured bag, strappy pumps, or tassel earrings, the options are endless. Choose items that fit your personality and job, and remember, it’s all in how you style it that counts.

Shop a few of our favorite work wardrobe must-haves below:



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