Nice to meet you!

We’re Kelsey and Erica, twenty-something bloggers living in the heart of downtown Chicago.  Friends by fate, coworkers by chance, partners in crime by design.
In January of 2014, we created Sequins Are A Girl’s Best Friend as a creative outlet to document daily fashion inspiration, shopping tips, runways looks for less and much more. We’ll show you how to shop the trends, look the part, and transform the way you style yourself in a city dominated by high end designers and pretty price tags. Our trick is to invest in key statement pieces and pull the rest from clearance racks and our own wardrobes. The best part about our blog is that there are two of us — two minds, two ideas, two outfits behind every post. Thank you so much for following us on our journey!





Meet Kelsey:

born in Korea. raised in Michigan.
obsessed with pearls.
rarely seen without a smile.
savvy shopper but a label junkie.
believes that honesty is the best policy.
event sales manager by day, new wifey by night.




Meet Erica:

born and raised in Michigan.
baking goddess, just call her Martha.
collects all things gold, polka-dotted, and sequined.
lives for clearance racks and coupon codes.
motivated by daily to-do lists and caramel macchiatos.
catering manager by day, pinterest addict by night.






Photography by Lea Brookes, Sweet Market Lane